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At the Pettus Law Firm, we pride ourselves on standing out from our competitors through the high level of personal attention we give to our clients. It’s my commitment that no client will ever be lost in the shuffle, which unfortunately often happens with other firms who try to squeeze as many people through the door as possible. In other words, I’m motivated not by opportunism and greed, but because it is my passion to speak on behalf of the injured and aggrieved.

Much of the inspiration for what I do comes from words my father once spoke to me, “Carry the wood and water for those who find themselves in difficult times.” In keeping with those words, it’s with great satisfaction that in the most difficult times of my clients’ lives, I can often offer them a chance at some quality of life that has been taken away. Well before I began my career in Houston, Texas as a personal injury attorney, I felt inspired to dedicate my life’s work to speaking on behalf of those who have been unjustly injured by the carelessness of others. I’m proud to say that we’ve been carrying that mission out at the Pettus Law Firm for years, and I’m just as passionate about that mission today as I was when I first began practicing law.


Report an 18 Wheeler Accident or File a Personal Injury Claim

18 Wheeler Truck Drivers and Carriers are required by low to have a minimum of $1 Million Umbrella Insurance Policy. Let us fight to get you every dollar you deserve.

Your individual situation may merit an actual lawsuit.

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